Video On-Demand Streaming

Today, more and more viewers are calling for on-demand video services, so why not let your community watch what they want, when they want? Archiving with LightWay means unlimited hard drive space for unlimited videos and the most advanced features that will make your archive stand out and keep it easy to use for both producers and viewers.


All Content is Transcoded

This is the secret recipe to our mobile friendliness. We automatically convert all of your live and archived video content into several different renditions that are designed to play on devices with varying quality Internet connections.

Completely custom Archive design and branding

We understand how important it is to maintain your standard for branding. We want your video archive to have the complete look and feel of your organization. You may either design your own theme using our theme API or allow us to build up to one free theme for your organization when you sign up!

Embeddable players

Feel free to share your videos on any site with our embeddable players. Simply copy and paste a video's embed code on any site. Our player will guarantee the same mobile friendliness that we provide on our own sites and archives.

Automatically record to your Video Archive

Unlimited recording of videos to your Archive. Videos are available seemingly instantly after your live broadcast has completed. An advanced remote allows for the starting and stopping of recording from any Internet friendly device (hint hint, mobile phones!)

Video indexing and chapters

Save time and prevent frustration for your viewers by allowing them to easily seek to Index Points (or chapters) you have defined in the video. Match up meeting agendas or simply add chapters as you see necessary all from our friendly web management site.

Video trimming / editing tools

Seamlessly cut and re-cut videos uploaded to your Archive through our online interface and either redistribute those videos or merge them with other cuts to make a new video.

SEO: search engine optimized video archives

Our advanced platform allows you to connect your organization's website directly to our video archiving system. Your video archive will be reachable at the address: This does wonders for search engine optimization and can help improve your station's overall rank. The competition won't let you do that!

Analytics and statistics at your fingertips

All of the information you need regarding your video stream, all available instantly through a mobile friendly dashboard. Grant others access to these statistics with the ability to create additional users.