About LightWay

LightWay Media Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Nick Russell as a way to offer online media services that build on the most current technologies in the constantly-changing Internet media market. After teaming up with friends Benjamin Rouleau and William Gottlieb, LightWay began providing integrated and versatile solutions to local access stations in the Massachusetts area so that they could broadcast their PEG channels to their viewers online.

From its start, LightWay has been committed to making its services as easy as possible for its customers. That's why in addition to making them high quality and affordable, LightWay offers technical support at no additional cost to its clients to help them make the most of our services. This level of customer support illustrates that although we may be growing, our small-business mindset and focus on client relationships remain — they underlie everything we work for here at LightWay.