We built a web site that will actually speak to its colleagues when things happen

Imagine your website speaking to you through a set of professionally installed, multi-purpose, ceiling speakers or your existing paging system. That's exactly what one web site we designed for a small business does.

When the Scituate Companies of Rhode Island receive either a new online home heating oil delivery order or inquiry, a set of ceiling speakers in the office chime and speak to the staff and alert them to the new business. The completely customizable announcements will even periodically repeat themselves if no one answers the order or inquiry. Talk about a reminder and alert system that will actually boost accountability and speediness. In addition, our client says:

It's just fun! Our team finds it very helpful and visitors are always complimenting it. We even asked that at 5PM the website play a few seconds of a song in the office.

Donna, Scituate Companies of Rhode Island